Royal International Air Tattoo 2009


A selection of photos taken by aviation photographers at the recent Royal International Air Tatoo held at Fairford, UK 17-18 July 2009. Each photo links to the photographer’s photo gallery, where you can see more photos from the event.

F16 - RIAT 2009

The Dutch F-16 appeared in a special Airshow Coloring – Airwolfhound

The lion depicted on this particular aircraft is taken from the Dutch national Coat of arms, while the orange color scheme refers to the name of the ruling Royal House, ‘the Oranges’. This particular plane was painted in this livery for the occasion of the RNLAF’s 95th birthday and to attract more candidates for the Air Force. We thank our loyal reader, drs. VHJM van Neerven the editor-in-chief for VNCcc for the information.

Fairford RIAT 2009

Eurofighter Typhoon by Matt Landells

Spitfire and Typhoon at RIAT 2009

Spitfire and Typhoon Flyby –

20090718_RIAT 2009_0305 800

Dassault Rafale by Nissan Note

20090718_RIAT 2009_0448 1800

EH 101 by Nissan Note

RIAT 2009 RAF Fairford 182


Fairford RIAT 2009

JAS-39 Gripen – Ian Gooddard

RIAT 2009 Black cats

The Dance of the Lynx – Goodwood Fos

Red Arrows Synchro Pair

Red Arrows – Hayakuhei

Fairford RIAT 2009

Breitling Team – Matt Landells

RIAT 2009 179

Red Arrows – Martin Jordan

RIAT 2009 RAF Red Arrows

Goodwood Fos

Fairford RIAT 2009

Frecce Tricolli – Matt Landells