Israel’s 2010 Military & Aviation conference and exhibition will take place this Wednesday (May 26, 2010) at the Avenue exhibition center at Airport City near Ben Gurion Airport. The event, organized by New-Tech Events, will highlight new developments in military land, air and naval systems.

You are invited to visit Defense-Update stand at the Military & Aerospace Exhibition – 26.5.2010

Israel’s Military & Aviation Exhibition 2010

Location: Avenue Conference Center, Airport City, Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel

Event’s dates: 26th May 2010

Among the key speakers confirmed for 2010 are:

Among the presentations given by leading officials are:

  • Presentation by Lt. General (ret), Bogi Ya’alon, Minister for Strategic Affairs
  • A briefing on the naval uses of unmanned vehicles, presented by the C/O chief of the Israel Navy, Brig General Noam feig,
  • the induction of unmanned aerial systems in the Israel Air Force operations, provided by Head of UAV, Space and Intelligence Branch, Col. Eli Ankori.
  • An overview of Israel’s defense R&D thrusts, presented by Chief of Defense R&R&D, Brig. General Dr. Dani Gold.

Main Projects Highlight:

  • the Arrow-3 exo-atmospheric missile interceptor
  • Eitan strategic UAV
  • Trophy active protection system
  • Iron Dome counter rocket, artillery and Missiles (C-RAM) program

Technology R&D:

  • High-Speed Under-Water Propulsion
  • New Trends in A.D. Simulation Systems
  • Advanced Emitter Localization Methods
  • Remote Sensing with Teraherz Sensors
  • High Precision Ballistic Rockets
  • Automatic detection of Man-Made Objects
  • Initialization of Navigation Systems from Reference Sources

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