Mercedes-Benz is presenting four new vehicles at Eurosatory 2010, in addition to 7 existing vehicles. Among the new vehicles are two ‘concept vehicles’ demonstrating future all-terrain special vehicles based on the G-Class and Unimog series, a new chassis developed for larger, all-terrain armored vehicles, and an all-terrain 8×8 recovery vehicle.

Among the new vehicles introduced at Eurosatory is an armored 8×8 Recovery vehicle called Actros 4151 AK, an all-wheel-drive highly protected vehicle. Its armor meets Level 4 ballistic protection and Level 4b mine protection according to STANAG 4569.

The company also introduces the FGA 14.5 chassis optimized for high-performance, protected command and special-purpose vehicles configured around the proven Unimog concept. A similar chasis – the FGA 12.5 special chassis has been successfully used as a platform for the KMW Dingo 2 for many years. The experience gained during the years, and the changing deployment scenarios with regard to payload, mobility, and reliability provided the basis for developing the FGA 14.5 special chassis. 

Mercedes Benz is introducing two concept vehicles at Eurosatory – the LAPV 6.X, augmenting the agile LAPV 5.4 light armored patrol vehicles G-Class derivative. The LAPV 6.X concept vehicle will improve on the LAPV 5.4 modular in the areas of protection (Level 3), offroad capability and agility.

Another concept vehicle from Mercedes-Benz is the 7.X, combining the properties of two different Mercedes-Benz model series – G-Class and Unimog. The 7.x uses the G-Class cockpit, attached to a frame and axles based on the Unimog. The longer vehicle opens up new dimensions and capabilities for an for all-terrain patrol vehicle.

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