The Israeli XTREAM, an All-terrain 4×4 armor protected vehicle is designed to up to 4.6 tons of payload or up to seven people under full armor protection was developed by Hatehof as a team with L3 and Elbit Systems. The monocoque capsule provides basic protection meeting STANAG 4680 Level 3, and level 2a/2b mine protection. B-Kits enhance the capsule protection against mines, small arms the protection to level 4 while the C-Kit provides am additional layer against RPGs and IEDs. It with offering enhanced protection against higher threats. The vehicle is equipped with turbo-charged Cummins ISB-6.7 liter engine and automatic transmission.

the Xtreme from Hatehof (Photo: Hatehof)

Designed for off-road mobility, XTREAM can manage slopes up to 60 degrees, a side slope of 36 degrees, climbing steps up to half meter high. To further enhance off-road mobility and ride comfort, the vehicle can be equipped with rugged, active dumpers and spring, central tire inflation system and rear steering, According to Yuval Marshak, Chief Marketing Officer at Hatehof, the vehicle has already completed mobility and survivability tests, demonstrating outstanding performance.

The XTREAM has provided Elbit Systems a platform for the debut of its Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS), a new RWS concept derived from the company’s medium size RWS. It offers a stabilized dual-axis assembly, mounting two weapons in parallel – the primary weapon can be a 40mm automatic grenade launcher or 12.7mm heavy machine gun, and the secondary a 7.62 mm machine gun or any type of alternative lethal or non lethal weapon. The XTREAM TAPV on display also demonstrates command, control and battle management consoles, and an integrated life support system comprising Nuclear Biologic Chemical (NBC) protection, air conditioning, automatic fire control and auxiliary power unit (APU). The vehicle also carries the company’s battle proven an IED jammer – the EJAB, developed by its Elisra subsidiary.

Xtrem modelled with Dual remote weapon system for the Canadian TAPV
Dual Remote Weapon Station (DRWS) from Elbit Systems. Photo: Elbit Systems.
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