Based upon its unique MEMS technology based acoustic particle velocity sensor, Microflown Technologies develops and markets highly innovative products and (on site) testing services in the field of noise and vibration.

The MicroFlown sensor is a MEMS technology based sensor designed to measure the acoustic particle velocity.

By measuring the temperature difference in the cross section of two extremely thin platinum wires placed in parallel, this extremely fast mass flow sensor is capable of monitoring the movement of air particles.  Any sound field is described completely by both the (scalar) value sound pressure and the (vector) value acoustic particle velocity. Understandably, acoustic testing becomes much easier if both acoustic quantities can be measured.

Microflown Technologies offers vibro acoustic testing methods, including noise reduction techniques, applicable for the aerospace industry, for a variety of airborne vehicles such as fixed wing aircraft, helicopters and UAV’s. Other applications under development include gunshot detection systems.

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