Silver Shadow, an Israeli weapon modification and customization expert unveiled two of its latest weapons the Gilboa 5.56mm compact assault rifle and Silenced Timna high precision sniper rifle at ISDEF 2010.

Modifying the latest Russian M76 sniper rifle into the new Timna Silenced sniper rifle, Silver Shadow took this proven Russian design further, modified it into a western 7.62/51 designed for heavy, high velocity ammunition, enabling military and law enforcement snipers to operate with maximum stealth, even at close range as well as at maximum distance. The rifle is matched with a barrel made by Shilen Rifles, and a modern, full barrel length silencer developed by Silver Shadow which leaves almost no acoustic signature.

Silver Shadow displayed two Israeli modifications of Russian weapons, including the new Timna sniper rifle, based on a modified M76 and the AK-47 conversion kit, turning any Kalashnikov assault rifle into a weapon fitted to operate standard western accessories and optics. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense Update

Silver Shadow firearms lab expert demonstrates the unique full-length silencer of the new Timna silenced sniper rifle. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense Update

Silver Shadow is also offering an upgrade package for the AK-47-74 and X9R, converting any standard Kalashnikov into a modern, modular weapon, that can cerry a wide variety of optics and accessories on standard rail systems. The kit includes replacement tactical adapter or an improved, modular frame replacing the original weapon’s handguard. Once installed, the tactical adaptor or X9-R handguard provides four Picatinny rails for the mounting of different accessories. The kit also accommodates a forgrip with peripheral Picatinny rail mounting telescopic sights, telescopic (M16) or folding stock, ergonomic vertical grip, and more. An improved flash and recoil suppressor can also be added. Accessories include detachable assault bipod, This device actively reduces recoil by 25% and muzzle flash by 29%. It also enables the mounting of grenade launchers, which further reduces recoil.

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