Sukhoi Company conducted flight tests of serial Su-34 fighter bombers at the Chkalov Aviation Production Association (NAPO) flight testing station in Novosibirsk, prior to entering serial production of the aircraft at the company’s NAPO plant. The Russian Air Force has already received initial deliveries of Su-34s, with another delivery expected until the end of 2010.

Su-34 Taking off, the Russian Air Force could receive a new batch of these long range fighters by the end of 2010. Photo: Sukhoi

The Su-34 can effectively attack land-based, sea- and airborne targets by day and night in all weathers using the entire suite of its airborne munitions, including high-precision types. In terms of operational capabilities this is a 4+ aircraft. Its active safety system, along with the newest computers, provides extra capabilities for the pilot and navigator to perform aimed bombing and to maneuver under enemy fire. Su-34’s combat potential will be enhanced soon by the introduction of new aerial weapons.

A +4th Generation strike fighter, Su-34 offers outstanding range and payload performance, provided by fuel-efficient bypass engines, large internal fuel capacity and in-flight refueling capability enable the aircraft to fly long distances close to those of medium strategic bombers. The aircraft carries a wide range of weaponry and is fitted with an armored cockpit for increased crew survival.

Last July Su-34s proved their high combat capabilities and flight performance at the Vostok-2010 military exercises. The aircraft successfully hit mock targets in the Russian Far East after flying non-stop all the way from a base in the European part of Russia, using mid-air refueling.

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