Integration of the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile with the U.S. Army Kongsberg Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS II) is underway. The first firing test was conducted recently by Javelin Joint Venture – the missile manufacturer with three Javelin missiles fired from the CROWS II station, mounted on a Stryker Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) in a near-tactical configuration.

The missiles impacted their targets at 500 and 1,000 meters (1,640 and 3,280 feet) downrange, confirming the successful integration of the combined system. The integration comprises a new launch box installed in the vehicle, interfacing the fire control unit and remote weapon system.

This modernized Stryker was displayed with the Javelin missile attached to its CROWS weapon station at AUSA 2007 exhibition. Photo: Defense Update

“The integration of the Javelin Weapon System with the Stryker IFV will give a precision fire capability that is organic and immediately available to the warfighter,” said Duane Gooden, program director of Raytheon’s Javelin program and president of the Javelin Joint Venture. “This enables soldiers to stay protected inside the Stryker while still employing Javelin against a broad array of targets.”

The infantry squad carried by the Stryker IFV has been equipped with Javelin missiles since the Stryker’s fielding but the missiles firing was conducted in a dismounted or manual method, requiring exposure of the missile operator.

The Javelin integration is part of a comprehensive upgrade program proposed for the CROWS II as part of the Stryker’s lethality upgrade program. This capability is considered as part of increment I, to include the introduction of gun shot detection system and ‘slew to cue’ function reload under armor, non-line of sight and far target location / handoff capability.

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