Camcopter S-100 flys with the WEscam MX-10 EO/IR payload. Photo Schiebel group

The 37 pound MX-10 stands less than 14 inches tall and is engineered without a separate control electronics box or an external vibration isolator. The turret is capable of simultaneous HD digital video, NTSC or PAL analog video outputs, and is compatible with all existing MX-Series command and control, moving map, SLASS and radar interfaces.

This commonality promotes a faster transition period, and ease of use for customers who decide to switch current MX fitted fleets over to the smaller MX-10 turret offering. Similar to larger MX-Series products, the MX-10 can incorporate up to six sensors. Infra-red, color and electron-multiplied CCD imaging sensors can be combined with a laser rangefinder, pointer and illuminator for maximum mission performance.
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