With the third Indian Airborne Early Warning (AEW) undergoing final integration, the Israeli company is looking for new opportunities to fulfill India’s thirst for AEW. With the growing interest in smaller platforms Elta is reportedly considering expanding its platform options beyond the Conformal AEW (CAEW) based on the specially modified Gulfstream 550 jet, integrating its AEW system on Bombardier Challenger and Global series aircraft.

A model of the Maritime Patrol Aircraft IAI based on Bombardier Q400 turbo-prop powered aircraft. Elta and Bombardier are positioning this platform to meet Medium Range Maritime Patrol and Coastal Surveillance requirements currently developing in India.

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Interpretation of the model shows a combination of sensors, comprising Elta’s EL/M-2022A maritime search radar, Electronic Support Measures and MOSP type electro-optical sensor, and, additional communications intelligence COMINT array. The aircraft also mounts a side-mounted gun pod, aft-mounted countermeasures dispensers and side-mounted containers which could carry various stores, for search and rescue missions or other tasks. To minimize drag and generated by these containers, forward strakes were added.
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The two companies are also planning to integrate ELTA mission systems and radars on turbo-prop powered Dash-8 Q300 and Q400 aircraft optimized for military and civilian maritime patrol missions. A model of the aircraft carrying a multi-mission package designated EL/I-3360 is on display at IAI’s display at the Israeli Pavilion at Aero-India 2011.

The system on display comprises a Other special mission platforms considered for these platforms are Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Intelligence and Multi-Sensor Platform (MARS) carrying Synthetic Aperture Radar and Electro-Optical payloads.

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