Raytheon Conducts Free-Flight Demonstration of JSOW-C From F-16IN

F-16IN JSOW Firing Test. Photo Raytheon

Raytheon Company completed a series of free-flight demonstrations of the Joint Standoff Weapon(JSOW) AGM-154-C from an F-16IN fighter aircraft. The tests were part of the Indian Air Force’s Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) competition.

Lockheed Martin F-16IN Releases a Raytheon AGM-154C Joint Stand-Off Weapon on a recent launch test. Photo: Raytheon


JSOW is a family of low-cost, air-to-ground weapons that employs an integrated GPS- inertial navigation system and terminal infrared seeker that guide the weapon to the target. The system has a maximum range of 130 kilometers (80.5 statute miles) from high altitude and can penetrate more than 1.5 meters (approximately 5 feet) of reinforced concrete.

Photo: Raytheon

“We conducted the demonstration to show that JSOW-C, which is currently integrated on various F-16 international aircraft, could be easily, affordably and rapidly integrated on the F-16IN,” said Phyllis McEnroe, Raytheon’s JSOW program director. “JSOW is already integrated on the F/A-18 Super Hornet and has been employed from that platform numerous times, so this test proves that JSOW can now be employed from both U.S. MMRCA offerings.”

note the asymmetric load configuration on the test aircraft, representing a combat load, is including two AIM-9 sidewinder and two AIM-7 AMRAAM air/air missiles and a Sniper targeting pod. The AGM-145C JSOW is carried along with a 370 Gal. external fuel tank under the port wing. A second 300 gal. tank is carried on the centerline station. Photo: Raytheon