The German armored vehicles company KMW is establishing a Brazilian subsidiary named KMW do Brasil, to be located in Santa Maria in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. The newly founded company will act as a continental hub for KMW’s regional activities. Offering support and services for systems already deployed in the region, such as the LEOPARD 1A5 main battle tank, the new company will also provide a local basis for implementing KMW-technologies with on specific South American vehicle solutions, to be manufactured in Santa Maria in the future.

KMW has brought to LAAD the latest version of its upgraded M113, offering a new powerpack, passive armor improvements, mobility enhancements, and rubber tracks, improving the vehicle's road mobility. The company is anticipating future requirements from the Brazilian Army, to upgrade few hundreds of their 600+ M-113s. Photo - Tamir Eshel, Defense Update.
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At LAAD 2011 KMW is promoting a new M-113 upgrade kit, which features new passive armor, rubber tracks, RPG protective ‘chicken net’, protected headlights and more. military transport vehicles destined for the regional defense and security market.

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