The IDF has begun integrating high capacity IP data networking in Merkava armored battalions operating Battle Management Systems (BMS) systems. Both systems were developed by Elbit Systems. The new wirelsess communications channel employs a low-power, ‘stand-alone’ encrypted radio operating in the S-band range defined as ‘Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)’. The tactical radio is designed for short ranges communications. The new unit augments the tactical network radios operating in the tank, which remains the primary voice channel.

Elbit Systems is offering the a broadband data communications channel dubbed 'HighWay', supporting tactical battle management systems (BMS). Photo: Elbit Systems

The new data channel supports the BMS with higher capacity data transfer, accelerating the transfer of commands, reports, and accelerating the refresh rate of situational updates from minutes to seconds. In the future, the IDF plans to introduce the new SDR-7200 Software Defined Radio which supports both broadband data and voice communications waveforms, along with other types of communications.

Elbit Systems’ WIN BMS is designed to support tactical units at battalion level and below, supporting all the operational tasks, including managing direct fire engagement & maneuver, management of indirect fire support, operational planning, intelligence and logistics. Elbit Systems was selected by the Israel Ministry of Defense to serve as prime contractor for the IDF program of Battle Management Systems for Battalion Combat Teams.

Elbit Systems has developed the HighWay S-band wireless broadband network to provide high speed data communications over short ranges, supporting tactical wireless data networks. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense Update
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