Israel Aerospace Industries is unveiling the Medium range Laser Guided Bomb (MLGB), a 250 pound class (115 kg) laser guided weapon designed for operation from fighter and light attack aircraft carried by standard 14″ lugs.

IAI will unveil its newest laser guided weapon MLGB at the paris Airshow 2011. Photo: IAI

The bomb provided as a unified weapon (unlike other laser guidance kits) comes with GPS/INS and laser guidance, and a three-mode fuse, offering airburst, impact or delayed detonation of the warhead effectively defeating soft, surface or semi-protected targets such as buildings or vehicles. The integration of GPS/INS and laser guidance enables the MLGB to attack both stationary or moving targets. The 170cm long weapon uses 82 cm span dual cruciform wing, GPS/INS based guidance and control system keeping the weapon on course to achieve the required precision. Terminal homing on a laser designation spot enables pinpoint accuracy when required.

Prior to release, the MLGB is powered up and mission parameters are loaded.  Upon release, a midcourse navigation trajectory is executed with transition to terminal  homing taking place in the final flight stage, using a combination of GPS and semi- active  laser (SAL) guidance. With high precision and relatively lightweight warhead MLGB provides an option for an offensive effect while minimizing collateral damage and risk of fratricide.

IAI will unveil the MLGB at its ‘weapons farm’ a collective display of air defense missiles, missile interceptors, guided weapons and guided ballistic missiles and rockets, presented next week at the Paris Air Show.

IAI’s new MLGB is a unified GPS/INS+Laser guided weapon designed with carriage and release envelope compatible with fighters and light combat aircraft. The weapon boasts optimal navigation and guidance capabilities, achieving hit accuracies of better than 1m CEP in SAL (Semi Active Laser) mode, and GPS accuracies in GPS mode. The relatively light warhead is optimized for such missions where minimum collateral damage is of high importance. Photo: IAI
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