ELTA Systems Ltd., an Israel Aerospace Industries’ group and subsidiary, presents the MAPSAT (ELK 1895)- a tactical Man Portable Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Terminal. The system, weighting only 8.5 kg,. is carried by a single soldier operating in special missions. The terminal can be rapidly deployed and connected to predefined available commercial Ku-Band communication satellites.

The MAPSAT (ELK 1895) - a tactical Man Portable Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Terminal. Photo: IAI

The operational, field- proven ELK-1895 is communicates voice and high data rate within a network including many subscribers such as Special Forces fighters and their commanding post. All subscribers, within the communication satellite footprint, communicate, via a communication link, without revealing their geo-location.

The need for tactical SATCOM for Ground Forces is growing due to net-centric operations that require long range, OTH (Over-The-Horizon), all- weather communication between fighting forces and their Head Quarters.

IAI/ELTA SATCOM products include both narrow-band and wide-band system. Helicopter SATCOM includes special algorithms that enable uninterrupted SATCOM even through helicopter blades.

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