Kvant 1L222 Avtobaza ELINT System
Kvant 1L222 Avtobaza ELINT truck

Russia has transferred a number of Kvant 1L222 Avtobaza Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) systems to Iran in October, RIA Novosti news agency announced. Each 1L222 system includes an passive ELINT signals interception system and a jamming module capable of disrupting airborne radars including fire control radars, terrain following radars and ground mapping radars as well as weapon (missile) data links.

1L222 Avtobaza ELINT system was transferred by Russia to Iran in late 2011.

1L222 operates over the Ku and X bands (8-18 GHz frequency range)and its effective range is 150 km. It covers 360 degrees hemisphere, monitoring up to 60 targets simultaneously.

Some reports are hinting about the role the Avtobaza system had in the alleged downing of U.S. stealth drone by the Iranian electronic warfare and air defense units early December.

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