Kestrel micro autopilot from Procerus

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Sensors (MS2), operating under the Corporation’s Electronic Systems business will manage the new business. MS2 also manages other small UAS activities including Desert Hawk, Persistent Threat Detection System aerostats, K-MAX unmanned helicopter system, and high altitude airship programs. Procerus was founded in 2004 and based in Orem, Utah, Procerus is a privately held company that provides autopilot, targeting and payload technologies for micro UAS to domestic and international governments, as well as industry and academic institutions. “Small unmanned aerial vehicles are low-cost, highly effective tools for our military, and the expertise Procerus brings will enhance the value we offer to our customers.” Said “This acquisition is consistent with our focus on acquiring capabilities that enhance our product” Bob Stevens, Lockheed Martin Chairman and CEO commented.

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