Telephonics: Integrated Surveillance and Communication Systems

Telephonics - Singapore Special Report
Telephonics - Singapore Special Report

Telephonics Corporation is a worldwide leader in Integrated Surveillance and Communication Systems technology. We serve aerospace, defense, and commercial markets around the globe. Whether it is in the air, on the sea, or ground based, our advanced electronic systems are on board to ensure the safety and security of thousands of military and civilians worldwide.

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Since our founding in 1933 as a manufacturer of audio headsets, Telephonics has grown into a broad based, advanced technology company specializing in cutting-edge radar technology and communication systems. A subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE: GFF), Telephonics’ high-tech engineering capabilities provide integrated information and

communication systems solutions to both domestic and international markets. The company is organized into three operating divisions: Communication and Integrated Systems, specializing in aircraft intercommunications, wireless and audio products, air traffic management systems, homeland security, and custom application specific integrated circuits for military and commercial applications; Radar Systems, specializing in maritime surveillance radar and identification friend or foe interrogators; and the Systems Engineering Group provider of air and missile defense threat analysis, combat systems engineering and analysis, and radar systems engineering and software development.

Long recognized for its high-technology applications in defense and aerospace systems, Telephonics is gaining an ever-increasing share of the niche markets it serves for its military, paramilitary and commercial customer base. Telephonics manufactures lightweight helicopter-borne and fixed wing aircraft maritime surveillance radar. In addition, Telephonics’ products include secure digital intercommunication systems, wired and wireless audio products, communication systems integration and homeland security products. As a fables semiconductor company, TLSI develops products utilizing state-of-the-art CMOS, BICMOS and Bipolar processes.

Today, Telephonics continues to grow its business base by applying the technical know-how of our original defense communication and radar products to new electronic systems and technologies. Total customer satisfaction is our quality benchmark, and towards that end ISO 9001 has been extended within Telephonics to cover all operations.