Israel Aerospace Industries’ Bedek Aircraft Division is developing a new version of the 767 Multi Mission Tanker Transport (MMTT), with a Boom refueling system.

Moshe Scharf, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development of Bedek Aviation Group said that Bedek Division has finalized the design and tests of certain new systems developed specifically for the new aircraft. “Three years ago we began developing the new generation of 767 MMTT. We are expecting the supply of this type of aircraft to certain European air forces in the coming months”.

767 MMTT delivered to the Colombian Air Force. Photo: IAI/Bedek

The Boeing 767 MMTT is a new version of the 767 Multi Mission Tanker Transport aircraft, which was delivered to a South American air force. It could be used for refueling missions as well as soldiers and equipment transportation, and other missions. The new version will be equipped with a new Boom refueling system, in addition to the Hose & Drogue system. The new system will be able to refuel advanced fighters as well as other types of aircraft.

The IAI 767 MMTT will have multi refueling systems- two, three or more, Boom or hose-and-drogue systems. The new boom refueling system will be of Fly-by-Wire design, with a Remote Aerial Refueling Operator (RARO) station and day or night viewing systems.

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