End to restricting liquids on airport security? An Israeli laser-based scanner detects illusive liquid explosives in 3-5 seconds. Photo: LDS

Laser Detect Systems Ltd (LDS), an Israeli Electro-Optics Company has launched a breakthrough in explosive detection systems. The company announced today it completed testing of an innovative laser-based explosive scanner capable of detecting hard to detect liquid explosives in three to five seconds. Current explosive scanners are limited in their capability to detect certain types of explosives, hence the limitations imposed on carrying liquids on board passenger aircraft.

The new Israeli scanner called LDS 5500D is a desktop laser-based explosive scanner enabling accurate and reliable detection of explosive materials and hazardous compounds in liquid, gel or powder form. The scanner employs advanced laser gated Raman spectroscopy scanning methods, enabling the scanner to achieve a high level of detection, and superior processing speed.

The system successfully completed an exhaustive testing by explosive detection experts, led by the Israel’s internal security agency services. The tests included a wide range of inspections evaluating its detection capabilities and sensitivity, detecting and identifying a wide range of explosive materials, including those considered so far undetectable by other means.

“We developed our new laser scanner in cooperation with Israel’s security agencies, according to Israeli operational security concepts. Meeting these standards, LDS 5500D offers the best performance among the systems available in the market today” said Eli Venezia, President & Chairman of LDS. “In terms of high sensitivity, low false alarm rate and throughput, our system offers a great improvement over current standards, performing a typical inspection in 3-5 seconds.” Venezia added.

The LDS 5500D scans a wide range of standard, or improvised explosive materials in liquid, gel, powder or solid form, including materials contained in sealed plastic or glass bottles, as well as those materials mixed or diluted with other substances attempting to deceive existing sensors. LDS 5500D can also detect traces and residues of explosives on already inspected objects. Other applications of the LDS 5500D include reliable detection of narcotics, and forensic identification of chemicals in liquid, solid, gas and powder form.

LDS plans to unveil th enew system at the upcoming Counter Terror Expo 2012 taking place in London, April 25-26. The company will be presenting jointly with IDO Security Inc, an Israeli company whose innovative “shoes on” walk through metal detector, the Magshoe, is already a fixture for metal detection in shoes and the lower extremities at numerous airport checkpoints worldwide.

“The global market for fast, ultra sensitive and reliable explosive detection scanners is estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars and our new systems position LDS in a leading position in this field.” Said Venezia. At the Counter Terror Expo 2012 LDS will also present the LDS 6500R, Remote Scan system, a laser-based explosive detector capable of detecting standard and improvised explosive devices (IED) from a standoff distance. This laser scanner can also detect and identify hazardous materials and chemical warfare agents from tens of meters distance from the suspicious object.

The Israeli electro-optics expert Laser Detect Systems (LDS) has developed a laser-based explosive scanner utilizing Raman Spectroscopy to perform ultra-fast and highly reliable (low false negative and low false positive) detection and identification of solids, liquids or powders, enabling very high probability of detection of all types of explosives. The system successfully completed an exhaustive testing by explosive detection experts, led by the Israel’s internal security agency services and has recently been delivered for first operational pilot tests. Photo: LDS
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