GTAG Promotes Defense Exports for Israel’s SME


Following the success of the first meeting, the Israeli Government Technology Allied Group (GTAG) is holding the second meeting on April 16, 2012. GTAG is an interest group supporting Israeli Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) active in the defense and security export market; its goals are to improve and streamline processes and bureaucracy hindering the growth and activities of SME in this sector. In this second meeting the group’s founder Lori Solberg will present new opportunities in South-East Asia, following visits in South Korea and Vietnam and discuss the ongoing changes in SIBAT and API, following GTAG requests to streamline and improve processes. Appreciating the importance and contribution of GTAG to the local industry, Defense-Update has been a supporter of GTAG since its foundation.

Participation in GTAG meetings is free of charge but requires prior registration