Maxing IMU Performance into a Small Form Factor

KVH DSP-1750 Fiber Optical Gyro module
Series 1570 IMU

KVH is introducing the new Series 1750 Inertial measurement Unit (IMU) at Eurosatory. The module weighs less than 1.4 lbs. (<0.6 kg). The compact package and mounting features enable easy drop-in replacement to both enhance performance and reduce cost in retrofit applications., such as unmanned and autonomous systems. The Series 1750 IMU is the new flagship in a series of small, advanced navigation and stabilization systems under development at KVH, combining the company’s Fiber Optical Gyro (FOG), solid-state MEMS accelerometers and E•Core ThinFiber technology to create a commercial-off-the-shelf IMU offering high accuracy at very low noise.

“System designers and integrators have been requesting a convenient, compact solution for applications ranging from stabilization and pointing of high-speed gimbals to autonomous vehicle control and navigation,” explains Jay Napoli, KVH’s vice president of FOG/OEM sales. “We’ve developed an IMU that is less costly and offers better performance than competing systems, while also offering an industry standard RS-422 interface along with user programmable data outputs, making it very easy to integrate into new or existing applications. Designed to withstand demanding environments with extreme stability. The device delivers excellent bias stability.

The new system adds to KVH’s TACNAV the Fiber-Optical Gyro (FOG) based tactical navigation system product line, which has become an essential element of vehicular situational awareness systems, maintaining full functionality even in GPS-denied environments.

A Series 1750 IMS comprising two FOG sensors coupled to a single procesor. Photo: KVH