Taking SATCOM Underground


GILAT SATCOM is introducing a unique satellite link providing a global link to users in deep underground, closed or remote facilities. The company offers a turnkey solution called Suricate, connecting the user via tactical radio link, acting as a dynamic relay system, connecting remote headquarters to forward units located inside buildings or even underground, anywhere in the world.

The SATCOM antennas can be located up to 6 km from a structure, thus enabling the facility’s location to remain concealed. The solution – which is already operational – is ideal for military facilities, mines, high-security installations, expeditions to remote locations, skyscrapers, and maritime users.

The system provides complete coverage for iridium (satellite) devices in underground and other closed facilities without the need for a sky view. Available in either wired or wireless configurations, the solution allows communication over iridium satellite phones – carrying up to three calls simultaneously per link – within secure surroundings such as military operation rooms, bunkers, etc. The system also provides iridium users with many of the benefits of optical fiber, including improved signal quality and ease of installation in addition to extending GPS signal indoors.

Gilat is also introducing the Dynamic Relay System (DRS), an Iridium – Tactical Radio Solution that enables headquarters to monitor and break into a tactical network, regardless of the distance between them. The solution employs the DRS IP Mesh Radio network, which adapts to any tactical communication system, whatever the frequency range or modulation method. Equipping a network with DRS devices instantly provides tactical echelons with ad-hoc networking capabilities.

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