The CFPS Baseband unit of the GNOMAD. Photo: ITT Exelis

ITT Exelis is introducing GNOMAD, a mobile, on-the-move satellite communications (SATCOM) system, providing over the horizon, satellite communications for data and voice while on the move using a low profile broadband antenna and baseband solution which is modem and radio agnostic. The system was recently evaluated by the US Army under the Network Integration Exercise (NIE) 12.1 at White Sands Missile Range, N.M., The NIE is a series of semiannual evaluations designed to integrate and mature the Army’s tactical network so that it can provide soldiers, civilians and mission partners with the information they need in any environment.

The system provides Global Ku-band SATCOM on-the-move, supplying a mobile network for an array of military and government agency vehicles. The system employs encryption devices currently in use by military and commercial users, supporting secure networks (SIPRNET, NIPRNET) as well as commercial internet, and client/server applications such as C2PC/Blue-Force Tracker, medical records and biometrics. The GNOMAD enables modern soldier radios to connect to IP networks, providing beyond-line-of-sight communications to radios such as AN/VRC-92, -104, and -110 as well as transferring Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services where supported.

CFPS Low Profile Antennae designed for the GNOMAD. Photo: ITT Exelis

This will be the first appearance Exelis at Eurosatory, following its spin-off from ITT Corporation in October 2011. As a standalone company, Exelis is more agile in anticipating customers’ evolving needs and in providing affordable capabilities and ready-now, high-technology solutions to military, government and commercial customers around the world.

The GNOMAD SATCOM global networking on the move unit, installed on a MRAP vehicle. Photo: ITT Exelis

“A top priority for us is to proactively help our customers by identifying problems and providing affordable, innovative, mission-critical solutions.” said Bob Durbin, vice president of Exelis Government Relations ”We work closely with our customers and partners to address their evolving needs and today’s global security challenges.”

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