Rheinmetall Displays RPG-Protected Cabin for the HX2 High Mobility Truck


Above:Rheinmetall-HX2 showing the cabin RPG protection by flexible net and slat armor. A more advanced active defense system is also suggested for this application. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

At Eurosatory 2012 Rheinmetall Defence is showing the HX2 ‘Extreme Mobility Truck System’, fitted with a protected cabin and hard-kill protection system, providing good ballistic and mine / IED protection, a combination of statistical counter-RPG armor, and an effective active-protection system (ADS) against RPG attack. The cabin is also surrounded by a ballistic protecting net, adding statistical protection against IEDs. This unique close-in protection ADS system was successfully demonstrated in 2011 The HX2 is an advanced version of the HX family of trucks made by MAN Military Vehicles. This 6×6 cargo version is powered with a 440 Hp MAN diesel engine driving 16 tyres, providing high mobility off-road. The HX2 represents Rheinmetall’s approach to the future core of a fleet of high mobility, protected transport vehicles that can be deployed worldwide.

To carry the excessive load of the protected cabin, the specially designed front axle loads up to 11 tons. Rheinmetall has designed the armored cab and qualified it for military use.

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