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The coverpage of issue #1 – Published January 2004

On January 2004, almost ten years ago, Defense Update published the first digital defense magazine edition. Back then, on our 25th year in defense publishing, it was time for change. And now, after a decade, it’s time to change again.

Introducing Member Services

Since 1978 Defense-Update has been trusted by defense professional like you to provide balanced, unbiased, unduplicated and trustworthy information, easily accessible at an affordable cost. Since 2004 we have been offering this information online free of charge, and open to all.

Defense-Update cover page – Published November 2013

In 2012 we have expanded our focus to include more features, wider news coverage, deeper analysis, and rich multimedia content – all made available to subscribers through Defense-Update Member Services. Toward 2014, we turn to our readers to continue and support us in expanding this service by joining Defense-Update Member Services program.

Subscription provides members an access to all Defense-Update editorial content and distribution means published by Defense-Update including:

  • Receive daily news alerts via email
  • Receive weekly news summary via email
  • Access premium content
  • Access advanced search services (New!)
  • Comment on Defense-Update forums
  • Access selected presentations from Defense-Update Online Events (New!)
  • Subscribers will also be able to attend Defense-Update Online Events live, at a special discount rate (New!)

Our commitment:

With subscriptions priced $7.95/month, we are confident this small fee will help maintain Defense-Update growth. With your support we promise to keep up the dedication which has brought us here, to maintain the highest quality, depth of coverage and platform innovation.

If you are following Defense-Update for some time, you may have noticed some of these changes in recent months. Some are completed, others are still ‘work in progress’.

Here is a partial list of what we have already done:

2010 – 2012: Move to a Content Management System
We completed this strategic move in June 2012, after 18 months of work. We moved all content, including photos, articles and indices to the new system, offering better availability and discovery of all available content. This vast resource containing thousands of articles necessitated the use of dedicated servers, for which we have scouted globally. We insisted to use only the best, most secure solutions, realizing our customers’ need for security and peace of mind. Comparing the performance in 2010 to our current speed, you will appreciate the boost, which has been achieved at significant expenses and full dedication of our technical team.

2010-2011: Launching Mobile Services
When we evaluated the new platform, more than two years ago, we based our decision on how friendly the end product will be to mobile devices and smartphones. Today, Defense-Update is fully optimized for mobile devices, and we see constant growth in the access of smartphones and tablets. It seems we have made the right choice to adapt to your change.

2010-2012: On-Site Event Coverage
The use of an advanced publishing platform enabled our editorial team, photographers and reporters to respond quickly from defense exhibitions, conferences and events, in near-real-time. While we do not intend to sacrifice quality for speed, the ability to provide on-site support on selected events enabled us to stay ahead of the curve in some of the world’s leading events including Eurosatory, Farnborough, Paris Air-Show, Aero India, AUVSI, AUSA, DSEI and the Singapore Air-Show. We intend to continue and advance these services to the benefit of our readers and supporters.

2011: Improving Article and Photo Indexing
We implemented different search solutions, enabling readers to search content by images and by search words, in both new and legacy websites. We also implemented indexing systems to automatically update lists of content, enabling you to find content easily and quickly.


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