Hermes 450 prepared for a mission. Photo: Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems has won a new contract worth tens of millions of US$ to supply a new Latin American customer  with a mixed fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles including the Hermes 900 and Hermes 450 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The company is expected to deliver the systems by 2014. Since

launching the Hermes 900 the company has won five orders for this large drone – three in Latin America, one in Asia. Sofar Chile and Mexico have both opted to buy Hermes 900, with Brazil focusing on the Hermes 450.

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“The unique capability of joint operation with the Hermes 450 offers seamless integration for existing users, further enhancing operational flexibility and cost effectiveness and eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or special training programs”. Elad Aharonson, Elbit Systems UAS Division General Manager commented, adding: “Hermes 900 is well positioned as a world-leading UAS, suitable for a wide variety of missions, from intelligence gathering, to perimeter and security missions.”

5th Win for Elbit Systems’ Hermes 900. Photo: Elbit Systems
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