India’s CCTV boom


Picture3The Indian closed circuit television (CCTV) market is growing at an annual rate of 30 % – I-HLS reports.

Rapid economic growth and rising industrial activities amid security threats, fear of potential terrorist attacks has fuelled the demand for CCTV cameras evidently as government authorities and even private sector are investing huge amount of money in installing CCTVs to secure their offices and public places across the country.

The Indian CCTV market is witnessing immense growth from sectors such as city surveillance, hospitality, airport security, BFSI, retail, BPO, manufacturing, college campuses, infrastructure companies and education.

The government, in general, is the biggest segment in terms of volume demand. The private sector, enterprises as well as SMBs, shows potential although their demand is dwarfed by that of the government sector.

Following the December 16 Delhi gang-rape, the demand for CCTV and surveillance cameras is growing in the city.
The demand has risen by 10% in the past month and that is across sectors.

The Indian CCTV industry is going to emerge as a huge market in the next few years in wake of rising demands from sectors like hospitality industry, services, healthcare, retail and transportation.

The ease to inter-connect all monitoring systems, traffic systems, various market places with police stations and defense headquarters in the real time make the CCTV surveillance a prominent and feasible security solution.

Source: IHLS – Israel’s Homeland Security Home