A “Silver Tail” that Protect You Online


17851709_sRSA, introduced the next generation of its Silver Tail web threat detection solution, with the ability to quickly separate the activities of friend from foe, and enabling security and fraud teams to investigate and mitigate web session and mobile applications threats in real time. I-HLS reports.

rsa sts technology
RSA STS technology

Designed to ensure that organizations have the tools to identify more threats faster and to investigate them much more efficiently, the Silver Tail solution adds new one-click incident management capabilities and an intelligent user interface to help organizations gain better visibility into activities on their website across millions of concurrent user web sessions.

rsa sts profile analyzer
RSA STS profile analyzer

Additionally, with Streaming Analytics and click-by-click threat scoring, Silver Tail 4.0 technology is built to leverage the power of Big Data to identify threats, malicious traffic and revealing behavior trends that could not otherwise be detected by analyzing the details of web session logs alone.

As a result, organizations may be able to experience a reduction in both direct and indirect costs associated with fraud, security and other disruptive uses of websites. This includes account takeover, password guessing, distributed denial-of-service, site scraping and business logic abuses such as exploitation of shopping cart functionality or online rebates.

rsa sts forensics
RSA STS forensics

The new features of the Silver Tail solution include: 

1. Streaming Analytics – Silver Tail technology is designed to offer click-by-click threat scoring that supports more intelligent, risk-based behavioral threat discovery and results in faster detection and mitigation of web threats.

2. Incidents Functionality – Designed to allow for faster and easier threat detection and provide additional context to help teams understand the causes of the threat for a more efficient investigation.

3. Intelligent User Interface – Built to adapt to the way security and fraud teams work.  The new UI is designed to bring in Big Data visualization capabilities that include highly interactive features to help simplify and prioritize threat detection and investigation.

Silver Tail technology is a key component of the RSA anti-fraud and enterprise security portfolio.  Using a Big Data-driven approach, the Silver Tail solution is designed to gather and analyze massive amounts of real-time data to detect anomalies, IT security threats, fraud, business logic abuse and other malicious activity.   By translating clickstream details into web session intelligence, it is engineered to provide organizations with the visibility to help identify the crucial difference between customer activity and criminal activity happening on ecommerce web sites, e-government portals and online banking web sites.

Dr. Alon Kaufman, R&D and Innovation Director in RSA: “The Silver Tail technology complements the advanced fraud prevention technologies that we develop in our R&D center in Herzliya. It is an additional layer in the set of solutions based on BigData computational learning developed by RSA.” RSA is a division of the EMC2 corporation.

Source: i-HLS Israel Homeland Security