Russian group offers communications upgrades for Indian Su-30MKI

A diagram of the NKVS-27 system
A diagram of the NKVS-27 system

The Russian group United Instrument Manufacturing Concern (UIMC) is introducing advanced communications gear to enhance data communications on the Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jet. Among the systems UIMC plans to introduce at Aero India 2015 next week are the S-112 aviation data communication system, and NKVS-27 multi-channel voice/data communication system and AT-E data exchange terminal, connecting command and control centers with airborne aircraft.

The NKVS-27 entered production for Russian and foreign customers since 2006, the system was developed by the Polyot Research & Production Company, a subsidiary of UIMC. The system facilitates a land based communications network linking airborne aircraft and command centers on the ground, enabling efficient air defense, intercept and strike missions by airborne forces.

Sergey Skokov, Deputy CEO of UIMC said he expects India to consider the system for its planned upgrade of the Su-30MKI fighter jets, as well as for the Ka-31 helicopter and the future FGFA and MTA programs – all are joint projects undertaken by the Russian Sukhoi company and Indian HAL.

UIMC is also offering the AT-E ‘aviation information exchange terminal’ supporting communications, navigation, identification and information management on board combat aircraft. Developed by NPP Polet, another subsidiary of the UIMC, AT-E is considered the Russian equivalent to the western JTIDS/Link 16 (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) used with NATO air forces.