The ‘Hoverbike’ from Malone Aeronautics is developed as a man-portable drone, a ‘hoverbike’, carrying an average person, or a cargo lifting drone carrying loads from small parcels to 800 pounds pallets.
MBDA unveiled the Enforcer, that has transformed in few years from ‘Concept Vision’ into a pre-prototype weapon, in anticipation of the German military development funding for a man portable short range multi-purpose missile.
Another Concept Vision is the modular ‘just in time’ assembled FlexIS missile unveiled at the Paris Air Show 2015
New configuration for the LHD Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Thales RapidFire self propelled air defense gun recently participated in a test demonstrating Thales’ systems capabilities to encounter small UAS.
Airborne snipers operating this 32.5 kg Strike marksman rifle stabilizer from helicopters benefit from three-axis weapon stabilization demonstrated to assist airborne snipers hitting man-size targets from 1,200 meters.
Chinese weapons shown with the Chinese-Pakistani JF-17 Thunder
CATIC has also displayed models of the JF-17 (also displayed the real aircraft in flight), as well as its own version FC-1 (below)
China’s CATIC displayed several models of aircraft – manned and unmanned, including this Wing Loong, offered to several international customers.
The Turkish new Anka MALE UAV from TAI
AgustaWestland-TAI T129 attack helicopter.
The Turkish weapon manufacturer Rocketsan displayed a variety of weapons, including the Hisar air defense missile and SOM cruise missile, considered for integration into the F-35 in the future blocks.
Two of the new SM-3 variants, fitted with boosters for ground based launch application, posed near the Patriot at Raytheon’s display
MBDA is testing various types of lasers for counter UAV applications. The evolution of the experimental system into a weapon system could become part of Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD) systems.
Until lasers become the ultimate air defense weapon, Mica VL is one of MBDA’s solutions for Short Range AD (SHORAD) systems.
The Korean LIG 1 group displayed several missile systems, these include ship launched and ground launched weapons.
Larger LIG-1 missiles on display include larger air-defense missiles.
LIG 1 also unveiled several types of avionics, including an advanced AESA radar and targeting pod for the current and future fighter aircraft.
Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) is also working on a future unmanned combat and reconnaissance aircraft, as seen from this model