Expanding the capabilities of a fleet of special mission aircraft (SMA) currently operational in Central America, BIRD Aerosystems will enhance the performance of ASIO SMA already operated by the customer, by upgrading their Mission Management System (MSIS), adding sensor enhancements, and improving connectivity and data sharing within the task force.

The sensor enhancements will improve target tracking precision, and, with the introducing of advanced mission management algorithms, the system is expected to increase performance and reduce operator workload, especially with a small crew. As part of the upgrade, the system will increase the utilization of satellite communications, in data and high-resolution video transfer.

According to Ronen Factor, Co-Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BIRD Aerosystems, the company is provided the ASIO as a turn-key solution tailored for the needs of each customer. “The enhanced operational capabilities will allow the customer to manage its missions in the most efficient way,” Factor added.

One of the aircraft will be modified to operate as a flying command post for the task force, leveraging real-time command and control of the task forces’ operational teams, and extending the operational flexibility and responsiveness of the land-based command center.


[wlm_ismember]In 2015 BIRD Aerosystems has provided the Mexican Government several Cessna Citation SMA, Special Mission Bell 407 Helicopters, a Headquarters facility and a fleet of intervention vehicles based on the MDT Tiger. In February 2018, the Mexican Government extended the company’s maintenance and support contract to support these platforms for three more years. The new contract also provides system upgrades (that likely include the current update), adding new capabilities, night vision operation, and fleet modernization in-view of 2020 regulations.

The ASIO solution allows all operating teams to share a unified situational awareness and surveillance and intelligence in real-time, significantly enhancing security of borders, strategic sites, and infrastructure.

The ASIO SMA will be enhanced to offer command and control of a task force in real time. A standard configuration includes displays in the cockpit and on a workstation in the cabin, additional mobile workstations can be added on demand. Photo: BIRD Aerosystems