ISDEF Announces a Live Demo Day


On its 10th edition, Israel’s premiere defense, homeland security, and cyber exhibition — ISDEF Expo, will celebrate the largest, most extensive event in its history. With 300 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors expected to visit, ISDEF 2019 will take place at the new recently constructed Pavilion #2, the largest at Tel-Aviv’s International Convention Center. The exhibition will open its doors on June 4th and continue until June 6th, 2019.

Preceding the exhibition in Tel-Aviv, ISDEF has organized a true one-of-a-kind live fire and dynamic demonstration day held on Monday, June 3rd at the ‘Adam’ military training facility located thirty minutes drive from the convention center in Tel Aviv. Named after the legendary General Yektiuel Adam (1927-1982) The facility is home to Israel’s IDF counter-terrorism and sniper school. The Adam facility features extensive live firing ranges and unique realistic training areas offering an excellent setting for the live demonstrations and hands-on evaluation of firearms and weapon systems. The range and live demonstration day offers a unique and practical opportunity for both domestic and foreign manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, accessories, target acquisition and observation equipment to demonstrate their products to official delegations participating in the event.

ISDEF’s range day** will offer select official delegations to try out the weapons on short, medium and long-distance firing ranges, during day and night time firing, at the same facilities Israel’s special forces and snipers use for training. Other demonstrations expected here include smart sights, thermal and night vision systems, signature reduction management systems, ballistic protection solutions, remotely controlled systems, tactical and armored vehicles, maintenance equipment, barriers, carry cases, tactical textiles, training aids, CBRNE equipment and more.

ISDEF Expo 2019

When: June 4th-6th, 2019.

Where: Pavilion #2 International ConfereCenterExhibition center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Those interested in attending ISDEF 2019 are requested to register online on ISDEF’s official website.

** Please note that the ‘Live demonstration & range day’ is not open to the general public, participation is for relevant official government and industry delegations.