US Army Contracts Dynetics to Build a Mobile, High Energy Laser Weapon

Team Dynetics wins $130 million 100kW-class high energy laser contract for U.S. Army Photo: Dynetics

Dynetics, along with its partners, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce and MZA Associates have been awarded a $130 million contract to build and test a 100-kilowatt class laser weapon system under the High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD) program managed by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command’s (USASMDC/ARSTRAT). Team Dynetics has beaten five competitors, among them Raytheon that competed in the final phase.

As the prime contractor, Dynetics will be responsible for final assembly and integration and testing of the system. Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), as the laser weapon system integrator, will provide the laser weapon subsystem, optimizing the performance of the laser module, power and cooling systems, and operator interfaces. Rolls-Royce LibertyWorks will design the integrated power and thermal management system to successfully meet the HEL TVD requirements. The design builds upon the successful internally funded programs that have demonstrated the technology and capability in this power class. The system will provide a high level of electrical power and thermal management required in a compact, power dense package with the responsiveness required for directed energy applications.

Earlier in 2019 Team Dynetics successfully completed a Preliminary Design Review (PDR), assuring the Army the test program is valid and low-risk from the technical aspect. The team will now move to the critical design review (CDR) as soon as possible. The CDR phase will finalize the design prior to system fabrication, documenting how laser science has matured into an achievable warfighter reality. Long-lead material orders will commence during this time. Subsequently, the team will build and integrate the laser weapon system onto an Army family of medium tactical vehicle (FMTV) platform and conduct field testing at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico per SMDC’s program plan. According to the preliminary plan, testing will be performed in FY 2022.

The HEL TVD award was the final announcement for the SMDC Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration, or D31, Domain 1 for space, high altitude and missile defense capabilities. Dynetics was named an awardee in 2017, along with six other competitors, and advanced after completing the system requirements review in 2018.