The Russian military has been using a family of kinetic 125mm ammunition known as ‘MANGO’ since the mid-1980s, with all 125mm guns used on main battle tanks, tank destroyers including the D-81. This family comprised the 3VBM17 cartridge and the 3BM42 long rod penetrator made of steel. About ten years later a new family of kinetic ammunition known as SVINETS was in the making.

SVINETS represent the family of new rounds designed to meet a new performance level set by the American M829 that were loaded with depleted uranium penetrators, that made their debut in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, 1991. The original M829 could penetrate 540 mm of RHA target at 2,000 meters. The advanced types of M829 (A3/4) long rod DU penetrators are fitted with a special fin designed to defeat ERA.

T-90M firing. Note the mesh-type RPG protection on the side.
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