The following satellite images (19 February 2022) were taken by the ImageSat International Eros reconnaissance satellite. Despite the Russian MOD announcement on 15 February of units moving out of the peninsula, the 19 February shots show a continued buildup of Russian military forces in Crimea. The satellite images show military concentrations in built-up and open areas around the township of Novoozerne on the western side of the Crimea peninsula.

Russian forces buildup in Novoozerne, Crimea, as shown in satellite photos taken 19 February 2022. by Imagesat International (ISI) Eros satellites. Source ISI
The Crimea peninsula and Southern Ukraine. Source: Google earth
Area 1-1: Forces concentrations showing part of the units moving out of the staging area and grouped two columns in marching formation (lower right side).
Area 1-2: Another unit of rocket launchers is staged in a three-line formation ready for marching. On the 15th, this area was empty. This unit is located south of the staging area shown on Area 1-1. Source ISI
Area 1-3: Another unit, possibly a mechanized battalion, moves into a marching formation northwest of the staging area (Area-1). The image on the right shows the same area on 15 February 2022 – empty vehicles. Source ISI
Area 1-4: Another unit newly arrived at the empty area just four days ago. Source ISI
Area 2 – Other forces are concentrated in another part of Novoozerne, Crimea. Source ISI
Area 2-1: Another image shows the deployment of a sizeable mechanized formation outside the staging area, positioned in marching order. Source ISI
Area 2-2: Russian units that have recently arrived in this staging area, this satellite image shows vehicles parked adjacent to a logistic area, north to the unit preparing to march, shown on Area 2-1. Source ISI