IAI is unveiling at DSEI 2023 a new loitering weapon – Rotem Alpha, a new Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) tactical antitank loitering munition (LM) with capabilities that represent a change in the operational and combat approach to using loitering munitions, providing an advantage in the battlefield. ROTEM a
Alpha is a member of IAI’s VTOL LMs which also includes the smaller ROTEM L.

ROTEM Alpha can operate at a range of several tens of kilometers, it can fly continuously for 60 minutes or perch on vantage points for up to 24 hours. The system flies and hovers in a low-altitude profile to build battlefield situational awareness, and executes an attack, at selected targets upon operator command even under adverse weather conditions. If no target is chosen or operator decides to abort, the system is disarmed and recoverable.

The system weighs 25 kg and is carried by a soldier in a backpack. It is assembled in the field in minutes. When fully assembled ROTEM Alpha is ready for take-off in less than two minutes. As a VTOL platform, it can be launched and land between trees, structures, and other confined spaces.

A single operator controls the ROTEM Alpha via a Ground Control System (GCS). The operator can command the weapon to perch on a building or hill until the enemy appears.

Equipped with a sensor suite comprising an EO/IR and acoustic sensors, ROTEM Alpha can autonomously detect and locate enemy targets such as hostile fire sources, artillery, rockets, and missiles launchers. It can investigate and verify the target and engage it following the operator command, closing in to an impact using its sensors as seekers. The loitering weapon uses a large warhead comprising a shaped charge and shrapnel sleeve able to penetrate more than 600mm of ballistic steel