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    AFV Situational Awareness in the Urban Battlespace

    Armored fighting vehicles face other challenges when operating in urban combat. They are exposed to snipers or anti-tank teams operating from elevated positions on rooftops or accessing underground shafts too close for the crew...

    Israel’s Indoor Surveillance and Attack Drones

    Operating drones low above ground and in complex terrain represents unique challenges, as most drone controls are limited to line of sight and uninterrupted satellite-based navigation. To endure in a GNSS-contested environment and operate indoors or underground, standard drones would not operate in such conditions. The drone platforms specially designed for subterranean or indoor environments require unique networking, sensing, navigation, and controls to enable such operations. Since these missions are complex and the drones are small, they are used in mission-specific roles such as autonomous mappers, FPV-operated lead elements, and armed effectors.

    Dismounted Situational Awareness in the Urban Battlespace

    Historically, military forces favored open terrain to avoid the defender’s advantages in urban and complex environments. This article explores the critical importance of advanced situational awareness in urban battlespaces, highlighting several innovations that enable dismounted forces to navigate and respond effectively, ensuring mission success and minimizing collateral damage.

    NAVWAR Deployment at War

    The conflict in Ukraine has served as a real-world laboratory for NAVWAR tactics and technologies. Both Russian and Ukrainian forces extensively deployed a variety of jammers and spoofers, demonstrating the critical role of electronic...

    NAVWAR Jammers

    Low-cost jammers are widely accessible and offer a basic but effective means of disrupting GNSS signals. Drivers who want to prevent their bosses from constantly tracking delivery trucks use such devices. They emit radio...

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