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French Air Force has Began Fielding an IR-Guided Version of the...

In July 2011 the French air force and Naval aviation began operational deployment of the infrared terminal guidance version (SBU-64) of the Hammer IR AASM modular air-to-ground weapon.

French AASM Demonstrates Outstanding Versatility in Libyan Campaign

The Libyan campaign has emphasized unique advantages of the French AASM-250 autonomous guided weapons. Previously criticized as an excessively expensive weapon, AASM proved its value in offering operational flexibility, in providing small fighting formations the effects achied by much larger strike forces.

The High Cost of Precision Attack

Depleting stocks of Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) used by European Air Forces in Libya is expected to trigger demand for affordable guided weapons. This article examines the operational advantages and weaknesses of the various weapons, and how it reflects in their costs

Sagem Reports Progress with Laser AASM

Recent test demonstrated the French guided weapon AASM capability to hit fast moving targets with one-meter accuracy, using terminal homing by laser, in addition to the GPS/INS guidance. The French Air Force and Navy are expected to field the new capability in 2012.

Coalition Strike Fighters Show Different Taste for Weapons

A collection of photos released today by the U.K and French Ministries of Defense illustrate some of the armmament configurations used by tcoalition air...

Sagem Receives Production Order for 3400 AASM Weapons

Sagem has been awarded a contract to supply 3,400 AASM Air-to-Ground Weapons to equip the French Air Force Rafale aircraft. The order also covers...

MBDA to Market Sagem’s AASM Precision Guided Weapons

MBDA France and Sagem Défense Sécurité signed a cooperation agreement shifting the sales and marketing of Sagem's modular air-to-ground weapon (AASM) to MBDA. and infrared guidance...

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