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RADA to Deliver Tactical Air Surveillance Radar to a European Customer

Israel's defense electronics company RADA Electronic Industries announced it has recently received an order to supply an RPS-42 tactical air surveillance radar to a leading European defense contractor. The new radar, a member of RADA's S-band multi-mission hemispheric radar (MHR) family of systems, will be delivered later this year. According to company sources, several customers have selected the RPS-42 for aerial surveillance missions.

France to base Ground Master 400 radars over Monte Carlo

The French Air Force will position a new Ground Master 406 radar at the Nice Mont-Agel airbase, overlooking Monte Carlo

Ground Master 400 Air Surveillance Radars

GROUND Master 400 is part of ThalesRaytheonSystems’s fully digital 3D air defense radar family.
ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) has been selected by the French defense procurement agency (DGA) to supply the French Air Force with a Ground Master 406 radar base and provide on-site support at Nice Mont-Agel airbase overlooking Monte Carlo.

More Aerostats Improve Security in Afghanistan

In the lead-up to the summer fighting season in Afghanistan, the Defense Department is planning to dramatically increase the number of aerostats to be...

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