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Submarine HMS Ambush commissioned into the Royal Navy

The Royal Navy's latest, most advanced attack submarine was commissioned into the Royal Navy on Friday, 1 March 2013, during a ceremony at Her Majesty's Naval Base Clyde.

MOD Releases Funds for More Astute Class Submarines

// The UK MOD has committed £2.7 billion for continued work on the Royal Navy future attack submarines. The programme, which has been beset...

The Global Submarine market Report 2011-2021

Submarines form an essential core of today’s naval fleets as a result of their flexible mission capabilities and ability to complement other strategic resources. Worldwide, 41 countries possess submarine capability and together operate 450 submarines. Most of these nations are modernizing their fleets or increasing them as a result of changing security situations. A total of 154 submarines are to be procured over the forecast period, costing US$186.3 billion.

Astute Class – Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine for the Royal Navy

Far bigger and more potent than the current class submarines, the 7,400 tons, 100 meter long sub weighs about 2,000 more than the current...

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