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DRDO Displays MRSAM Fire Unit at DEFEXPO

The Indian Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) unveiled at Defexpo 2016 the fire unit of Medium Range Surface-to-Air (MRSAM) missile system, developed and manufactured for the Indian Air Force and Army.

DRDO Demonstrates Arjun Mk II, ICV Combat Vehicles in Action at...

India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian armored vehicle manufacturers displayed today for the first time a number of combat vehicles developed in India for the Indian armed forces. Among the new vehicles were Arjun Mk II, Kestrel Wheeled Armored Platform (WhAP) and 4x4 Armored Mine Protected Vehicle (MPV) developed by Tata.

MKU Unveils Body Armor, Helmet with Integrated Support to Wearable Systems

Indian military equipment manufacturer MKU is introducing at Defexpo a body armor integrated with a health monitoring system that provides effective, lightweight protection and supports the combatants with connectivity

TATRA, BEML Expect to Deliver 250 Trucks to India in 2016

TATRA is returning to India and is now introducing a range of new vehicles to address Indian military systems.

Russia Offers Verba MANPADS to India

Pursuing the Indian requirement for a new very short range air defense weapon, the Russian arms exporter 'Rosoboronexport' debuts the latest Man Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) 9K333 “Verba” at DEFEXPO-2016.

Defexpo 2016 By The Numbers

Defexpo 2016, the largest defense and security trade show in India, taking place in Goa next week will host 980 exhibitors from 47 countries. This will be a truly international show, 52 percent of exhibitors are domestic, and 48 foreign. The number of foreign exhibitors more than doubled this year, compared to defexpo 2014, a total of 491, up from 232 in 2014.

India and Israel – a Dialog and a Marathon Run

For three decades Israel and India are maintaining close defense relations, the dialog is conducted at low key, but is ever growing, spanning all military services, government and local authorities and security services.

Israel at Defexpo 2016

Twenty-eight Israeli companies will present a wide range of advanced technologies – many of them operational – including sophisticated sensors and systems protecting borders and sensitive facilities, robotic and automotive logistics, electro-optics for artillery and infantry, airborne satellite communications, fire control solutions, tactical medical equipment, and more. See Defense-Update video coverage of Defexpo.

Elbit Systems: Aiming High in India’s Defense Market

Betzalel 'Butzi' Machlis“India is an important market for each of our divisions.” Elbit Systems President and CEO Bezhalel Butzi Machlis told Vayu, “We have...

In a ‘buyers market’, when everyone is ready to sell everything,...

Positioned as one of the world’s top five military powers, but lacking the advanced technologies its military forces can truly trust in combat, India...

Katana – a Combat Marine System for Maritime Security

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed an advanced, high-speed unmanned boat designed for maritime, homeland security (HLS) surface warfare applications. The new Unmanned Surface Vessel...

Russia Promotes S-400 at DefExpo, Eying Indian Air & Missile Defense...

Russia is pitching its top-of-the-line air defense system at DefExpo 2012 in India, this week, promoting the S-400 Triumph air and missile defense system. The S-400 causes much concern among western air forces, as none of the existing 4++ generation fighter aircraft, nor the F-35 JSF, are designed to penetrate areas defended by the Triumf.

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