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Russia Interested in Israel’s Evolving Microsatellites

Anatoly Perminov - Roscosmos
Microsatellite technology developed by Israel’s aerospace and defense industries is one of several fields of interest to Russia Space s is one of the areas the Russians are interested in, as part of a space cooperation agreement recently signed between Israel and Russia.

OFEQ 9 – the New Israeli Spy Satellite

The Israeli spy satellite Ofeq 9 was launched yesterday, (June 22nd 2010) from the Palmachim Air Force Base on Israel's Mediterranean coast. The new satellite is...

EROS B Satellite Program

On April 25 ImageSat launched the second very high resolution satellite in the EROS family - EROS B. The launch took place at the...

Israel offers High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Proliferation of commercial, high resolution satellite imagery improves intelligence gathering The proliferation of high resolution space imagery is providing all governments with access to unprecedented intelligence...

EROS A Satellite Payload

EROS provides an important insight into the Israeli space imaging capability. According to ElOp, the camera currently deployed on Eros A is operating at...

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