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Soaring G2G Sales Takes Israel’s Defense Exports to a Double Digit...

Israel’s defense exports have reached double-digit figures for the first time, reaching a 55% increase within two years, to US$11.3 Billion. G2G deals are often larger in scale than export sales signed by the individual companies and their execution is often faster than sales conducted under standard commercial terms.

India: Major Policy Shift Favor Local Suppliers in Defense Programs

The Indian Ministry of Defense is about to introduce a major change in its defense procurement policy, giving a priority to local companies through rating 'Buy and Make' (Indian production of goods) as the top category for procurement. This 'India First' policy will provide first opportunity in all contracts to Indian companies, from the public and private sector, while placing procurement from foreign suppliers as the last option. Another move to exclude software and consulting services from offset list, is a fallout of the recent VVIP scandal.

Swapping Control Lists Marks the First Steps in US Export Control...

The U.S. administration made the first steps in implementing export control reforms, by rebuilding the export control lists, moving less-sensitive items controlled by the State Department under the Department of Commerce, more efficiently equipped to maintain such activities.

‘Government Technology Allied Group’ (GTAG) to promote Israel’s Defense Sector SMEs

‘Government Technology Allied Group’ (GTAG) to promote Israel’s Defense Sector SMEs

Japan Decides to Ease Ban on Weapon’s Exports

The Japanese government has announced that the nation will ease some of its self-imposed restrictions governing the export of military technology and weapons. This move is expected to improve the competitiveness of Japanese manufacturers in foreign markets thus lowering production costs for domestic procurement and increase the workshare of Japanese suppliers in foreign defense programs

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