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Israel to Replenish the IAF Aerial Ordnance, Requests U.S. Arms Package...

Israel plans to replenish its aerial ordnance stocks with the procurement of thousands of US made warheads and guidance kits worth over $1.8 Billion. The State Department published a request for Congress approval for this acquisition. The package includes several types of GPS and laser guided munitions, missiles and deep target penetrating bombs shells that can defeat deeply buried targets.

Israel’s F-35s will Carry the Spice 1000 Guided Weapons

Rafael is proceeding with the adaptation of the Spice 1000 Electro-Optically, Stand-Off guided weapon as part of its roadmap to carry this family of...

IAF 65th Independence Day Flypast

Boeing 707 (Reem) Flying Tanker refuelling F-15I (Raam) strike fighters. For more photos from Noam Eshel, check our Facebook Page.

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