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Taiwan Signs LOA for F-16 Upgrades

Following a cooperation agreement with Taiwan’s state-run Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC), Lockheed Martin seems to be on track to upgrade the fleet of 146 F-16A/B Block 20 Fighting Falcons for Taipei.

Sharpening the Little Dragon’s Teeth

After years of delay, Taiwan seems to be on track to procure the full US$5.2 billion upgrade package for its fleet of F-16A/B fighter jets as notified to the US Congress in September last year.

Pentagon Details Taiwan Air Force F-16 Modernization Plan

The F-16A/B upgrade package the U.S. offers Taiwan includes the integration of an unspecified AESA radar, helmet mounted cueing system (JHMCS) supporting AIM-9X air/air missiles and advanced electronic warfare and self-protection systems. Targeting pods and precision guided munitions will also enhance the fighters' air/ground capability.

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