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Iran Doubles ‘Fateh’ Guided Missile’s Range to 500km

Iran unveiled yesterday a new member of the Fateh ballistic guided missile family. The new Fateh 313 missile has a range of 500 km - twice the range of the former Fateh 110 version. According to Iranian sources the new missile will enter production soon, following a recent successful test flight.

Iran Embarks on the 6th ‘Great Prophet’ Week-Long Exercise

Iran is planning to launch multiple ballistic missiles this week, as part of the annual, week-long 'Great Prophet’ series of large scale exercises, incorporating...

Iran Develops Twin-Launcher for Zelzal-2 Short Range Rocket

Iran has developed a twin-missile launcher system for the Zelzal-2 short range missile, effectively doubling the firing rate of the system. Salvo firing is...

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