Iran has developed a twin-missile launcher system for the Zelzal-2 short range missile, effectively doubling the firing rate of the system. Salvo firing is considered by Iran to be the most effective missile-defense countermeasure. The new launcher was tested in public for the first time Sunday 27 September 2009, firing a single Zelzal-2 missiles, fired for a dismounted new multiple launcher while a second missile was standing by on the second rail.

Above and Below: Zelzal-2 being fired from the new dismounted twin-launcher developed in Iran. Photos: FARS news agency.
Tondar and Fateh 110 fired
Zelzal 2 launched

The solid-rocket powered Zelzal-2 missile has a range of 130-185 miles (210-300 kilometers). Is length is 8.32 m and the diameter is 0.61 m. The missile has a launch weight of 3,400 kg., including a 600 kg warhead carried over a range of 200 km. The missile is carried and launched from a truck-mounted rail. Prior to the 2006 Second Lebanon War Iran supplied Zelzal-2 missiles to the Lebanese Hezbullah, which tried to launch them against Israel. However, most of the missiles were destroyed in a preemptive strike by the Israel Air Force. To improve the missile’s survivability and performance Iran is accelerating pre-launch preparation and increasing the system’s agility and mobility, General Salami said. Iran is performing these test launches, to include short, medium and long range missiles, as part of the Payambar-e Azam(Great Prophet IV) military exercises conducted by the country’s revolutionary guards (IRGC). The first test conducted early Sunday 27 September 2009 involved Zelzal-2 short range guided missiles, fired for a dismounted new multiple launcher. Other tests included launching of Fateh 110 guided rocket covering 120 miles (193 km) and the Tondar 69 – a short range missile, converted from a Chinese CSS-8 (SA-2 derivative) missile, capable of covering a range of 93 miles (150 km). General Hossein Salami, head of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force, said follow-on test firings scheduled for this week also include medium-range Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles on Sunday night and long-range Shahab-3 missiles on Monday. All photos: FARS news agency

Fateh 110 is believed to be a guided version of the Zelzal-1rocket.
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