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Russia Plans a Permanent Naval Task Force for the Mediterranean

Russia is considering deploying a permanent naval task force in the Mediterranean Sea. Such a task force will be commanded by the Black Sea Fleet and could consist of up to 10 combat and auxiliary ships deployed on rgathered from three Russian fleets. These vessels could rely on ports in Cyprus, Montenegro, Greece as resupply points, in addition to Syria.

International Aerial Group Supports Israel’s Firefighting Campaign in Mt. Carmel

Faced with the worst forest fire since last Wednesday, Israel mobilized all firefighters, law enforcement and Home Front command in an effort to fight...

Germany Cancels Submarine Contract with Greece

The German shipyard Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), from Kiel, Germany, and its Greek subsidiary Hellenic Shipyards S.A. (HSY), of Skaramangas, Athens, announced the cancellation...

Up Armored HUMVEE (Hummer)

AM General (USA) / Plasan Sasa (Israel) The new armor protection suit, designed by Plasan Sasa for the Greek up-armored Humvee (Hummer) provides level II protection armor,...

Rafael’s SPICE Guided Weapon

Providing a fully autonomous navigation and precision-strike capability, Rafael's Spice-2000 achieves a stand-off range of over 60 kilometers. Spice-1000 achieves an even greater range, due to its unique deployable wing. The weapon has been successfully integrated onto the F-15, F-16 and Tornado aircraft. It is in service with the Israel Air Force and is on order for the Hellenic Air Force.