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BAE Systems to Upgrade M88A1 into HERCULES Heavy Recovery Vehicles

BAE Systems received a $28.7 million contract to upgrade 11 M88A1 Medium Recovery vehicles to the M88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift Evacuation System (HERCULES) configuration.

Israel Acquires Two Additional C-130J ‘Samson’ Multi-Mission Transport Aircraft

Israel is ordering additional two C-130Js from Lockheed Martin, funded by U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS). Israel has ordered the first C-130J in April 2010 and will receive that aircraft in spring 2013. The next two aircraft will be delivered in late 2013 and late 2014 respectively.

Joint Heavy Lift (JHL)

Joint Heavy Lift flying Crane, (JHL) and High Speed Lifter (HSL) helicopter, are proposed as tactical heavy lifters for the FCS family of vehicles....

C-130J Super Hercules

The C-130J is the newest tactical inter-theater transport aircraft fielded with the US Air Force and several international air forces. capable of flying higher,...

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